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Gigi and Ross, also known as Luigi Esposito and Rosario Morra, are a popular and successful comedy duo. They are well-known faces on television and have also been hosts of a new comedic show on Rai 2, alongside Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Originally from Naples, Gigi and Ross have been friends since a young age. They both studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art at the Bellini Theater in Naples. After gaining experience in theater in their city, the two joined forces as a comedy duo exactly 20 years ago. Prior to that, they were part of a radio duo called “I Turbati,” which gained success and recognition on Radio Punto Zero and later on Radio Kiss Kiss. They entertained their audience with sketches and popular imitations.

Their imitation of the format of the show “Le Iene” contributed to their television fame. They started their TV career on Rai 3 with the comedy show “La Tintoria” and later participated in Chiambretti’s TV format “Markette.” They then became part of the cast of “Zelig Off” on Mediaset.

In 2008, Gigi and Ross became even more popular when they began hosting the comedy show “Made in Sud.” They initially co-hosted with Fatima Trotta and later with Elisabetta Gregoraci until 2017, when they passed the baton to Gigi D’Alessio. However, they continued their journey as hosts with the new edition of “Furore.”

Throughout the years, they have also continued their radio career with Radio Kiss Kiss. In 2016, they made their debut in cinema with the film “Troppo Napoletano” and three years later, with “San Valentino Stories.” During this time, they also wrote their first book, “La maledizione dell’Acciaio,” with the support of Oreste Ciccariello.

In their personal lives, Gigi is married to the dancer and choreographer Naike Orilio. They have two children together, Gabriel and Nicole. Ross, on the other hand, is happily in a relationship with Milli Indaco and is the father of Mathias.

In conclusion, Gigi and Ross are a well-known comedy duo who have achieved success in both radio and television. Their careers have spanned over 20 years, during which they have entertained audiences with their sketches, imitations, and comedic hosting. They have also ventured into cinema and writing. Despite their fame, they have managed to maintain happy personal lives with their respective partners and children.
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