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Fred De Palma, pseudonym of Federico Palana, was born in Ceva, a town in the province of Cuneo, in November 1989. His life has not been easy, as he has openly talked about his early drug use, which was considered normal in his neighborhood. However, his situation worsened over time, and he even risked death. He lost one of his best friends due to drugs. This event made him realize that he needed to change his life, so he started writing and discovered that his verses could be turned into songs.

Fred De Palma began participating in important freestyle contests in Turin and Milan. Through these competitions, he had the opportunity to meet prominent figures in the Italian music scene, such as Dirty C, with whom he formed the group Royal Rhyme. In 2011, their first album titled “Royal Rhyme” was released, followed by the EP “God Save the Royal” in 2012. During this time, Fred De Palma continued to excel in freestyle contests and gained significant recognition. He won the Zelig Urban Talent in 2011, which gave him television visibility. He also participated in the MTV Spit program, focused on freestyle battles, where he finished in third place.

In 2012, Fred De Palma decided to pursue a solo career and released his album “F.D.P.” He then joined Roccia Music, an independent label founded by Marracash and Shablo. With Roccia Music, he released “Lettera al successo.” However, their collaboration did not last long, as the singer announced his departure in 2014. The following year, he signed a contract with Warner Music Italy.

His third album, titled “BoyFred,” marked a turning point in his style. He continued to evolve with his fourth album, “Hanglover,” released in 2017, and subsequent albums “Uebe” and “Unico.” During these years, he collaborated with Spanish singer Ana Mena and Brazilian artist Anitta. His latest releases include the songs “Adrenalina” and “Melodia Criminal,” both released in 2023.

Fred De Palma’s journey from his early struggles with drugs to becoming a successful rapper demonstrates his resilience and passion for music. He has managed to carve out a unique place in the Italian music industry, showcasing his talent and versatility. As he prepares to participate in the Festival di Sanremo, fans eagerly await his performance and look forward to seeing his continued growth as an artist.
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